ÆON Movie Wall YAMJ v2.2

ÆON Movie Wall YAMJ is the perfect companion to the SpeedDial NMT skin, which can be found HERE.

ÆON Movie Wall YAMJ takes elements from the XBMC skin, Aeon, to bring you one of the most efficient and intuitive NMT skins. I have taken elements from tson's 5150 YAMJ skin to display certain informational elements in the most pleasing manner, from Robinsjexcal for filtering, Unique Black Glas for trailers, and ppp3 for TV Shows.


Update 12 May 2013

Updated for YAMJ 2.9 and later changes and to also make compatible with the latest Java updates.

See the original thread HERE.


 navigation modifications : 

episodes with tv-show have the following navigations rules :
- up/down to move episodes +1 and -1
- if greater than 20 episodes (2 columns) left/right togle left/right column
- if less than 20 episodes (1 column) left go to episode 1, right to the last one 
- page up / page down to the next / previous movie
inside movie detail :
- up/down or page up / page downnext / previous movie
Example images: 
AeonMovieWallYAMJ-OverscanTool-2.9.1024.rar974.33 KB
cinemascope_for_r1066_v2_9_1208_december_8_200.rar2.65 MB
skin_v2_11_r2569_june_29_2011.rar9.26 MB
Aeon_complete_mod_jlb.zip15.61 MB

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Version: 2.10-SNAPSHOT

Date: 2017-06-21-1511

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